AKX Evolution


AmeriKick’s Most Exciting Program is for the serious Martial Artists who wants to take their skills to the next level. Designed to train, motivate and cultivate sport martial artists. See your instructor about JOINING THE EVOLUTION!!

Trick Development:

Tricking has evolved from a subculture of martial arts acrobats to an epidemic of followers worldwide!  It’s a fusion of acrobatics, gymnastics, parkour, and sport martial arts have made it an internet sensation.  At AmeriKick Martial Arts, we have produced more recognized trickers than any other organization on the planet.  As a Black Belt Club / Master Club member you will have access to the training and resources that it takes to excel in this blossoming sport!

AKX Hand Combinations:

Dynamic hand combinations are essential for the modern sport martial arts competitor.  Our AKX program provides the breakdown and training.  Punch, chop, spin, and innovate like never before with AKX Hand Combinations.

AKX Kicking Series:

Multiple kicking, flexibility, snap and power are vital to becoming an all-star kicker.  Learn and train in our AKX program!  Before long you will be kicking like a rock star.

AKX Forms Development:

A road map is always a helpful tool in getting to where you want to go.  In AKX forms development, we provide the foundation used by every successful sport martial arts competitor (4 series and 5 series)

AKX Weapons:

Extreme Kamas, Nunchuks, Bo Staff and Sword are staples in the sport martial arts world.  Learn them all with our champion instructors.

AKX Conditioning:

Learning a martial arts skill is one aspect of the game.  Performing it with a certain level of conditioning is a completely different ball game.  Our AKX Conditioning course focuses in on the key areas of athletic development: Speed, Strength, Stamina, and Conditioning!

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